Makura sumo pattern cushion - MAKURA SUMO
  • Makura sumo pattern cushion - MAKURA SUMO

Makura sumo pattern cushion - MAKURA SUMO

  • made in Japan

Makura sumo pattern cushion - MAKURA SUMO



Makura sumo pattern cushion - MAKURA SUMO

The buckwheat pod cushion has been used for centuries in Japan. It is a natural and authentic alternative to the pillows that are traditionally used in Europe. Here is everything you need to know about the Japanese pillow. The Makura.

The benefits of makura:

The Japanese pillow has many benefits,

- It effectively relieves neck pain as well as back pain. It also helps to limit headaches. In fact, the buckwheat pods are distributed evenly according to the weight and the position of the sleeper's head: the muscles of the neck relax, which limits neck pain as well as migraines. In the end, it acts like a real memory foam pillow, but naturally.
- Unlike the natural fillings that are used in Europe (feathers, feathers and down from ducks or geese), buckwheat pods are hypoallergenic. The Japanese pillow therefore helps to preserve health and effectively fight allergies.
- Finally, it is a breathable cushion that does not trap heat and sweat: sleeping on a buckwheat pillow during a heat wave is therefore very pleasant.

Caring for your buckwheat pillow:

Buckwheat pods retain their effectiveness over months and years provided they are properly cared for.

Once a year, it is recommended to empty the pillow to ventilate the buckwheat pods. You can take the opportunity to wash the cotton cover in the machine. Once it is clean and dry, you can fill it again with the pods.

If washing your pillow only once a year bothers you, you can of course maintain the cover and ventilate the pods 2-3 times a year.



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